Boneiru Duradero (Sustainable Bonaire) is a small-scale initiative focusing on sustainable awareness and activity on Bonaire. This initiative started in 2012 and has a timeframe of five years. Boneiru Duradero is coordinated by Sharon Bol and funded by the World Wildlife Fund (WNF) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands.

The mission of Boneiru Duradero is to translate the theoretical concept sustainability into practical action for the local community of Bonaire by means of organizing; seminars, stakeholder sessions, cleanup campaigns, workshops; but also by stimulating sustainable energy and water usage; reducing and recycling of waste; and stimulating small-scale sustainable business development.

All these activities are focused on raising awareness, why should we for instance reduce, re-use and recycle? What is the importance of sustainable subsistence agriculture, can we grow our own food by hydroponics and how can you become a local sustainable entrepreneur in Bonaire?

Not only is it important to focus on what is desirable and what changes are required for sustainable development, it is also very important to look at all the sustainable activities and initiatives that are already taking place on Bonaire. Therefore Boneiru Duradero has created a Facebook page Boneiru Duradero Portal dedicated to showcase all the sustainable news and *events that are taking place in Bonaire.

As of today Boneiru Duradero has been partnering with several local companies and initiatives: Selibon, WEB, Bon Kousa, Bon Recycling, Kriabon, URD Solutions, Bon Eco Solutions, Directie LVV, Directie Samenleving en Zorg, Eco di Caribe and the list will continue in line with our slogan:                Huntu pa Boneiru Duradero.

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