People of Bonaire

In the coming months Boneiru Duradero will publish a series of interviews with local entrepreneurs, who are inspired & dedicated to stop using polluting plastic materials in their businesses and are willing to switch to bio-degradable alternatives. The central question that all of them answer is:

Why do you think it is important to make a contribution to a more sustainable Bonaire?

Making a difference one meal at a time

Heart for Sustainable Bonaire Series featuring: Henri Verhoef of Wattaburger   Henri Verhoef has been managing Wattaburger for 11 years and he is ready for a change! Wattaburger sells all those fast food items, that we often crave: fries, hamburgers, and Dutch snacks such as the frikandel and kroket. Right now, Wattaburger specializes in Take-Out, but in the near future… Read more →