Youth Event Aware draws attention to litter

Foundation Tene Boneiru Limpi (keep Bonaire Clean) is organizing a youth event on the 30th of May 2015. Tene Boneiru Limpi (TBL) is partnering with Selibon, Boneiru Duradero and Plaza Resort Bonaire. The main goal is to create awareness for the growing amount of litter in the streets of Bonaire. For this reason all youngsters ages 12 to 25 are invited to join a two-hour clean up event on Saturday May 30th. All youngsters succeeding to pick 10 kg of litter on Saturday morning will receive free entrance to an incredible dance party in the evening.


AWARE Clean up Event

The idea is to have youth form their own clean up groups. Saturday morning all groups need to meet at 8.30 AM at Plasa Medio Ambiente (Selibon) Kaya Industria 20. Groups will receive water, healthy snacks, garbage bags and work gloves. Then groups will either be transported or use their own means of transportation to go to the clean up site. All of the collected litter will be weighed when groups return to Plasa Medio Ambiente. The group that has collected the most litter will win a special VIP treatment for the Dance Party.


AWARE Dance Event

The free Dance Event will be held at Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire. DJ MARVV, DJ Chris Beat and DJ Veloce will get the party started at 9.00 PM and keep it going until 1 in the morning. The only way to join this unique dance event is to participate in the clean up activity, since the entrance tickets are not for sale!


Keep Bonaire Clean!

“Litter is an increasing problem on Bonaire”, says Selibon Director Rudsel Leito. Selibon has a team of cleaners working to keep Bonaire on a daily basis, but it is like swimming against the tide. That is why the organizers also focus on the prevention of litter and not just on cleaning it up. Because if you do not litter, you do not need to clean up! For this reason three short, funny videos have been developed to illustrate various types of littering. These videos have on key message: “Keep Bonaire Clean!” The organizers are hoping that the videos will work as an eye opener and will be spread through new media. Check out the videos on Selibon ’s Facebook page or on Boneiru Duradero Portal.


Signing up for the Clean up

On May 6th and 7t AWARE will be visiting Liseo, SGB and MBO with a pre-event during the morning brake. DJ MARVV will give students a little taste of what to expect of the Dance Party on May 30th. Students can fill out a form and sign up for clean up event right away or register by email and send their name, phone# and number of people in their group to:


Sponsors & Support

Aware is made possible a large group of sponsors: Bon Kousa, Plaza Resort Bonaire, Dasani, Van den Tweel Supermarket, Bonaire Logistics, Kooyman, Massive Productions, Rento Fun, Flamingo Communications, Young & Talented, Selibon and Boneiru Duradero. AWARE is also receiving support form STINAPA’s Junior Rangers. The Junior Rangers will promote AWARE amongst their peers and the will also guide groups during the clean up event.





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