Huntu pa un Boneiru Duradero

Boneiru Duradero (Sustainable Bonaire) is a small-scale initiative focusing on sustainable awareness and activity on Bonaire. Boneiru Duradero is funded by the World Wide Fund for Nature in the Netherlands (WWF-NL).


For most people on Bonaire (and probably around the world), sustainability is still a theoretical concept. Boneiru Duradero’s mission is to convert the concept of sustainable living into concrete, practical and easy to understand activities that people can relate to.

Our activities aim to raise awareness and at the same time create an action perspective for our target audience. After all awareness is great, but motivating people to make (small) changes in their behavior is even better!

Activities are focused on four main areas: waste management => reduce reuse recycle; reduction of energy and water use; local food production => thus reducing the enormous footprint of the food import and supporting small scale sustainable business initiatives => by offering tools and skills through courses and workshops. Overall awareness is created through neighborhood campaigns, seminars and stakeholder sessions.

Not only is it important to focus on what is desirable and what changes are required for sustainable development, it is also very important to look at all the sustainable activities and initiatives that are already taking place on Bonaire. Therefore Boneiru Duradero has created a Facebook page Boneiru Duradero Portal dedicated to showcase all the sustainable news and events that are taking place in Bonaire. Languages used on this website and on the Facebook page are: Papiamentu, Dutch and English.

Boneiru Duradero partners with local (governmental) organizations, NGO’s and companies in order to build a strong network in support of sustainability on Bonaire in line with our slogan: Huntu pa un Boneiru Duradero.