All households rely on basic utilities such as electricity, natural gas, and water to meet basic, everyday needs. Each day, you will cook, shower, brush your teeth, flush the toilet, water the plants-cats-dogs-donkeys, turn on the lights and therefore you will receive a WEB bill by the end of every month. So by saving on your water and energy usage, you will reduce on your monthly costs, you will contribute to a more sustainable environment. Based on this concept Boneiru Duradero organized together with the local water and energy supplier WEB the first “NRG $ H2O Challenge” in 2013. This project was also supported by Bon Eco Solutions providing energy and water saving tools and water saving tips by Fundashon Cycle.

The kick off of this event took place on the first of June in 2013. Twenty-five participants took part in this event and joint a workshop about how to reduce your energy and water usage. Besides the workshop, participants received a special energy/water saving package consisting out of three water-savers and three LED lamps from Bon Eco Solutions. For over four months all 25 participants were monitored on their water and energy usage.

In October 2013 the results were made available which were impressive! Results showed that 36% of the participants managed to reduce their energy use, and 65% of the participants reduced their water usage. On average the participants saved 15% energy per month and they saved 18% on water usage per month. If you calculate how much money you would save per year it would be 350,04 USD on energy and 452,16 USD on water!!!

The winner of the contest was Carlena Everts, she managed to reduce her bill with 70 USD! She won a new energy efficient washing machine sponsored by Boneiru Duradero.

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