Boneiru Duradero is challenging all residents of Bonaire to join the “NRG & H2O Challenge 2015”.

Reducing your energy- and water usage will decrease your monthly WEB bill and it will also benefit the environment! The winner of the “NRG & H2O Challenge 2015” will not have to pay their WEB bill of the month April as Boneiru Duradero will do that for you!! How cool is that J

In 2013 Boneiru Duradero organized in 2013 in cooperation with WEB the first “NRG & H2O” challenge.

Results of the challenge showed that it was fairly easy for all participants to reduce their energy and water usage by making small changes. For instance turning of the tab while brushing your teeth, using water and energy savers or even switching off the television and ventilators when you are not in the room. Participants mentioned that changing this behavior, being more aware, reduced their usage the most. Results showed that 36% of the participants managed to reduce their energy use, and 65% of the participants reduced their water usage. On average the participants saved 15% energy per month and they saved 18% on water usage per month. This basically means that you can save up to an average of 802,20 USD per year!!

To take part in the “NRG & H2O Challenge 2015” sign up by filling in the form at the Facebook Page or click the home button (on your right) and tap join.

Preconditions to join are that you have to be an individual or a household; that the WEB bill and measurements are on the name registered and that you can show the March and April WEB bill to demonstrate your energy saving efforts. So go sign up before the 1st of April!

To make it more easy we will continue to post energy- and water savings tips on the Facebook page. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the contact form on this website.



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