Selibon and Tene Boneiru Limpi organized a “Clothing Drive” on the 12th of April 2014 for the less fortunate. They partnered with ‘Directie Samenleving & Zorg’ and the ADRA foundation that are already committed to poverty relief.

Selibon receives lots of used clothing through Plasa Medio Ambiente that is only ‘gently’ worn. Unfortunately Selibon does not have the capacity to sort out these cloths in a way that they can be re-used. That is why Selibon and Tene Boneiru Limpi came up with the idea to join forces with ADRA and ‘Directie Samenleving & Zorg’.

The results were overwhelming. On April 12th of 2014 the TBL team collected enough bags and boxes of men’s women’s and children’s clothing to fill four 1000 liter containers and 7 pallets. All of the clothing was carefully sorted and then distributed to the poorest on Bonaire through collaboration with governmental department ‘Samenleving & Zorg’, ADRA, through churches and other charitable organizations. The surplus of collected clothes was sent to ADRA’s branch on Curacao. The clothing drive also received sponsorship for 250 bags from the Bonaire gift shop to repackage clothing and a week of free radio spots on MEGA FM.

The gap between the haves and have-nots is becoming increasingly visible on Bonaire. As a small community we should be able to reach out and help one another. Given there won’t be a monthly clothing drive, you can still donate your clothing at ADRA or at Pakus Di Pruga,

A special thanks goes out to the sponsors of this event: Coca Cola, Fria, Bonaire Gift Shop, Stichting Bon Kousa en MEGA hit FM.



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