Boneiru Duradero organized a puppet show in collaboration with FESBO, LVV Bonaire, Selibon and Water and Energiebedrijf Bonaire, which took place on Friday July 18th 2014.

Two hundred kids participating the FESBO vacation plan, learned about important sustainable topics in the most playful manner. These youngsters now know how they can contribute to a sustainable Bonaire.

The story “Superheroes of Bonaire” is about a cheeky boy named Mo, who is not at all interested in taking care of our nature and environment. But then he receives a visit from the Arawak Indian White Feather. White Feather has the important assignment to find superheroes on Bonaire that are wiling to safeguard nature and our precious environment. This wise native Indian takes Mo on an adventure to meet with three Bonairians that do important work on our island. They teach Mo all about saving water & energy, the importance of a clean environment and how to plant your own fruit and vegetables.

The puppet show was made possible, by the following cast:

  • Arnold Ford from Selibon (as himself)
  • Christen Cranston from Selibon (story teller)
  • Egor Campagnard from WEB (as himself)
  • Rocky Emers from LVV (as himself)
  • Kathy Thielman (in the leading role of Mo)
  • Sharon Bol (as White Feather)

All neighborhood centers have received a mini greenhouse donated by Boneiru Duradero, including seeds and plants for the children of the after school program. LVV and Boneiru Duradero have visited all these kids at school to teach them about growing fruit and vegetables.

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