Biba Konsiente Radio Series

Given the majority of the residents of Bonaire listen to the radio, Boneiru Duradero decided to start a weekly live radio program together with Radio Digital 91.1 FM Bonaire. Biba Konsiente stands for living consciously inline with the topics focusing on the local environment and sustainability. The first twelve radio sessions were held in the beginning of 2014. During every live session Sharon Bol would talk with a guest about their work and how environment and sustainability was a part of that.

Guests on the show were among others; NGO platform, Dive Friends, WolfsCompany, ROA, Tene Boneiru Limpi, WEB, Selibon, Sharine Loozen, KVK, Kriabon and STINAPA.


By the end of 2014 Boneiru Duradero organized a second series of radio interviews with a specific focus on healthy living. Listeners were informed about how they could grow their own veggies. Nolly Oleana, Rocky Emers, Roald Boom and Onnie Emerciana would provide tips on growing your own food and all measures necessary. After every session Sharine Loozen provided the listeners tips on how to cook healthy and affordable.

Every week listeners could also win a voucher worth 20 USD sponsored by Van den Tweel by responding to a questionnaire realted to the radio session on the Facebook page.

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