In November 2013 Boneiru Duradero and the local Chamber of Commerce organized a two day workshop about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The workshop was guided by Michel Schuurman, senior programmanager of MVO (CSR) Nederland.

Reason for the workshop was the “Blue Table” meeting which took place in June 2013. During this workshop a variety of local stakeholders got together to brainstorm about how to move forward to a circulair economy. A circulair economy in the sense that; how to make better use of local environmental waste products and how te become less dependend on import. Goal of this workshop was to develop two concrete business cases inline with a local circualir economy.


The outcomes of this workshop resulted in two ambitions:


Ambition 1

In 2017 a reduction of 50% of consumer waste (i.e. plastics and glass) on the landfill, will be accomplished by means of separated waste collection on business and household level. This ambition will be achieved through an intensive awareness campaign, collaboration based on integrity and a joint collection structure.


Ambition 2

By 2020 80% of organic waste will be reused in high quality fashion i.e. cattle feed, composting and fermenting, because we want to work towards a more self-reliant and sustainable Bonaire. The ambition will be achieved through awareness and close collaboration. After formulating the ambitions, each group made a list of actions through use of the Back Casting method: “Which steps to we need to make today if we want to achieve our goal by the set date”. These actions were assigned to a group member in a relevant position to execute the action.




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