Organization AWARE is very proud of youth on Bonaire! On Saturday May 30th Tene Boneiru Limpi, Selibon, Plaza Resort Bonaire and Boneiru Duradero organized a first time clean up event especially for youngsters. The main goal of AWARE was to create awareness with regard to litter amongst the youth of Bonaire.

250 youngsters between the ages of 12 – 25 showed up on 30 June to lend a helping hand to keep Bonaire clean. Youth was often accompanied by helpful parents, motivated community leaders or involved teachers. One of the largest groups, with over 40 volunteers, was baseball group Stars. The Junior Rangers were well represented and there was also a group from Jong Bonaire. Most group sizes ranged between 10 and 20 participants, but there were also smaller groups with just 3 or 4 people. Rento Fun and Bonaire Tours transported groups to and from clean up sites. The clean up concentrated on streets near the center of Playa. Antriol proved to be the bario with the most litter and illegal dumping sites.

The two-hour clean up had an incredible result: 3500 KG’s of waste collected. The organization was pleasantly surprised by the positive tenacity of Bonaire’s youth to rid Bonaire’s nature of as many bottles as possible. Beer bottles were the most collected item. But groups with their own transportation also brought in larger dumped items, such as rusted washing machines and rickety furniture.
In their eagerness to clean up Bonaire some groups overstuffed their garbage bags, which made it impossible for the Selibon pick up team to collect them by hand. However Selibon promised that they will use heavy equipment to remove the bags no later than Tuesday June 2nd.

On return at Plaza Medio Ambiente all teams received a free entrance ticket for a Dance Party that same evening and then went home for some well-deserved rest. The Dance Event, was held at Plaza Resort Bonaire where our local and very talented DJ’s: Chris Beat, DJ’s Veloce, & DJ MARVV entertained the crowd and created an excellent party vibe. Raynel Cecilia (Bon FM) made a successful debut as Bonaire’s newest DJ. The audience was also treated to a surprise performance by Curaçao rappers Rashid Hato and Edrich Kopra. Coca Cola sponsored a graffiti wall where all participants could spray their own name. The graffiti panels will be on display at Selibon. During the event a clean up group named Jelly Beans were declared the “winner” of this years youth clean up AWARE. They collected the most waste per person, 17.8 kilos.

The hot tunes and cool beats of the AWARE Dance Event were supposed to last until 1.00 in the morning, but unfortunately Plaza Resort decided to pull the plug half an hour early, due to complaints from their guests. The organization regretted the premature and abrupt end of an otherwise successful party night.

Tene Boneiru Limpi, Selibon and Boneiru Duradero consider AWARE to be a great success and consider organizing it as an annual recurring event.

AWARE was made possible by many sponsors and volunteers. Special thanks to: Bon Kousa, Massive Productions, Coca Cola, Dasani, Rento Fun, Bonaire Tours, Van den Tweel Supermarket, Kooyman, Flamingo Communications, Young & Talented, Hype Events, Tene Boneiru Limpi, Bonaire Logistics, Plaza Resort Bonaire, Selibon and Boneiru Duradero.

Visit the Facebook page of Selibon N.V. and Boneiru Duradero Portal for all photo’s of the event.


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