Biba Konsiente

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change” Wayne Dyer

Biba Konsiente Radio Series

Given the majority of the residents of Bonaire listen to the radio, Boneiru Duradero decided to start a weekly live radio program together with Radio Digital 91.1 FM Bonaire. Biba Konsiente stands for living consciously inline with the topics focusing on the local environment and sustainability. The first twelve radio sessions were held in the beginning of 2014. During every… Read more →

Biba Konsiente Road Show

On May 17th 2014 a radio show was fully dedicated to saving NRG & H2O. That day Boneiru Duradero and WEB were going on a special Biba Konsiente road trip, to actively reach out to Bonairians. Special gift cards were placed on 5 different locations around Bonaire. The lucky finders received a water and energy savings package with LED lights… Read more →