People of Bonaire

In the coming months Boneiru Duradero will publish a series of interviews with local entrepreneurs, who are inspired & dedicated to stop using polluting plastic materials in their businesses and are willing to switch to bio-degradable alternatives. The central question that all of them answer is:

Why do you think it is important to make a contribution to a more sustainable Bonaire?

Interview with Casper Douma Nature Photographer On Bonaire since

Boneiru Duradero (BD) has developed a FREE E-learning program about single use plastics. The goal of this online program is to offer everyone on Bonaire basic knowledge about the importance of single use plastics (SUP) reduction. Because many of these plastic products inadvertently end up in our nature or surrounding sea. The E-learning program features the work of photographer Casper… Read more →

Sustainable Tips from Terence

Bobbejan’s BBQis one of the most popular take out restaurants on Bonaire. Terence de Haseth works together with his parents in this family owned business. Bobbejan’s BBQ is already using compostable food boxes in different sizes, cutlery, straws and bags, which are all made from plant-based materials. However, Terence would like to share some practical tips on how restaurants can… Read more →

Local efforts

Rudolf and Marijke from @Mati’s Place are testing with compostable food containers this week. These compostable boxes seem to be a (much more) sustainable alternative for single use food packaging, than styrofoam. Boneiru Duradero wanted to offer a number of take out restaurants on Bonaire the opportunity to try out these compostables. This way restaurants could experience the quality of… Read more →

Making a difference one meal at a time

Heart for Sustainable Bonaire Series featuring: Henri Verhoef of Wattaburger   Henri Verhoef has been managing Wattaburger for 11 years and he is ready for a change! Wattaburger sells all those fast food items, that we often crave: fries, hamburgers, and Dutch snacks such as the frikandel and kroket. Right now, Wattaburger specializes in Take-Out, but in the near future… Read more →