“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” Henry Ford

Clean Coast Bonaire

Clean Coast Bonaire was initiated in 2018 by Boneiru Duradero and WWF-NL.  Clean Coast Bonaire participates in regional conversations regarding harmonization of marine litter monitoring. Based on the original pilot in Bonaire, it is proposed to use the OSPAR protocol in conjunction with the Trash Free Seas programs as a means to harmonize data collection within the Cartagena Convention region. ​There… Read more →

World Wide Fund for Nature in the Netherlands (WNF)

World Wide Fund for Nature in the Netherlands mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by: conserving the world’s biological diversity ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. World Wide Fund for… Read more →

Seven Seas Care

Seven Seas Care believes that care for the little things in life is what ultimately has the greatest positive impact. Care for coral is care for our oceans. Care for visitors who are diving into the ocean is care for our environment. Awareness of that connection leads to action, creating a synergy that cares for not only people but also… Read more →

Wageningen Marine Research

With knowledge, independent scientific research and advice, Wageningen Marine Research substantially contributes to more sustainable and more careful management, use and protection of natural riches in marine, coastal and freshwater areas.  Read more →


We live on a beautiful, but small island, where everything we do has a direct impact on our nature and our environment. Solid waste is one of the biggest challenges that Bonaire is currently facing. Our landfill is reaching full capacity and expansion into nature areas is simply not an option. “What can I do to help solve this waste… Read more →

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) is a non-governmental research and conservation organization that has been protecting sea turtles since 1991. The small Caribbean island of Bonaire is our headquarters and home to three of the world’s six endangered or critically endangered species of marine turtles: the hawksbill, green, and loggerhead turtle. Together with STCB, Boneiru Duradero aims to raise more… Read more →

Debris Free Bonaire

Debris Free Bonaire encourages local residents & visitors to the Caribbean island of Bonaire to take action and volunteer a small amount of their time to collect plastic marine debris from Bonaire’s east coast.  Debris Free Bonaire empowers volunteers by providing a visual demonstration of the amount of debris removed from the environment collectively, and rewards their efforts by giving… Read more →

Plastic Soup Foundation

The contamination of the oceans by plastics is an added problem to global warming, acidification and overfishing. The oceans form 72% of the earth’s surface and are our main suppliers of oxygen. Plastic pollution is therefore a serious threat to earth’s vital ecosystem, especially because plastic does not biodegrade. Through the degradation and fragmentation of plastics into small pieces, all… Read more →

URD Solution

Health starts with taking back responsibility. If you give responsibility away by eating whatever they supermarkets sell, then don’t mourn when you get sick, diseased and unhealthy. Health starts with good food, real nutrition and a complete diet. URD Solution will help you improve your health, even if it is one step at a time. Start growing some of your… Read more →

Eco di Caribe

Eco Di Caribe has designed a new affordable line of Ecological products for Bonaire with the philosophy “Cleaning and degreasing of nature”. Through these Ecologically responsible products, we pay extra attention to the environment. These products provide the maximum cleaning- and degreasing power from resources that nature offers us. An important principle for our product development is the search for… Read more →