Trash to Cash

Boneiru Duradero is partnering with Selibon and Plastic Soup Foundation to recycle plastics on Bonaire.


Na luna di mei 2016 Plastic Soup Foundation, Selibon i Boneiru Duradero (BD) a start ku un proyekto piloto pa resiklahe di plèstik bou di e nòmber Trashito Cash. Wereld Natuur Fonds di Hulanda a finansiá e proyekto aki. Un dje metanan di e proyekto ta pa realisá un produkshon na eskala chikitu di artíkulonan di plèstik resiklá na Boneiru.… Read more →

Trash to Cash Reward

The Trash to Cash Reward is part of the Trash to Cash pilot project. The goal is to stimulate local people on Bonaire to separate their plastic waste from household waste and hand in this plastic waste at Plasa Medio Ambiente. Rules The Trash to Cash Reward will be handed out for a period of six months, June to December… Read more →

Resultaat Trash To Cash Challenge: 13.000 stuks plastic afval!

Op zaterdag 28 mei jl. organiseerde Selibon N.V. de “Trash to Cash Family Challenge” in nauwe samenwerking met de Plastic Soup Foundation en Boneiru Duradero. Hierbij werden ingezetenen van Bonaire opgeroepen om zoveel mogelijk plastic afval in te leveren bij Plasa Medio Ambiente. Deelnemers van de challenge maakten kans op het winnen van mooie geldprijzen, respectievelijk USD 250, USD 100 en USD 50 voor… Read more →

Plastics Pilot TRASH TO CA$H

GREAT NEWS! The Plastic Soup Foundation is coming to Bonaire to help us battle one of the Earth and Bonaire’s biggest problems; the ever-growing amount of plastic. As you know, Bonaire imports almost all of its products. The packaging of these products creates a huge amount of waste. All this waste goes to our landfill, but not all packaging materials… Read more →

Trash to Cash Pilot; plastic recyclen op Bonaire

Goed nieuws! De Plastic Soup Foundation komt naar Bonaire om ons te helpen bij het bestrijden van plastic. Plastic is een wereldwijde bedreiging. Het gebruik ervan blijft toenemen en daardoor beland steeds meer plastic in ons leefmilieu.   Het is welbekend dat Bonaire bijna al haar producten importeert. De verpakkingen van deze producten creëren grote hoeveelheden afval. Dit afval beland… Read more →


The Trash To Cash Family Challenge is part of the Plastic EXPO, which takes place on Saturday the 28th of May. On this day Selibon challenges families to collect plastic waste. The family that collects the most plastic items wins USD 250, – All participants of the challenge receive a free ice cream. See rules for participation below. First prize       … Read more →

Plastic Urban Mining in Bonaire

  On the 14th of May Selibon, Boneiro Duradero and the Plastic Soup Foundation have started the project ‘Trash to Cash’ on Bonaire. The goal is creating awareness on plastic pollution and setting up a business case for plastic recycling on the island. The Plastic Soup Foundation wants to turn the islands of the Dutch Caribbean into the first circular… Read more →