Wastewater Management

Untreated wastewater is hazardous to both our people and our wildlife. Several actions are initiated to treat the wastewater in Bonaire in order to preserve the coral reef and to guarantee that locals and tourists can swim in a healthy ocean on the island.

Wastewater management: looking at the bigger picture

On December 16, 2021 the Water Circles team organized an online information session for the yacht owners.The purpose of this session was to give information about the mission of the Water Circles team and the solutions that are proposed for wastewater treatment on the island. The Water Circles team also responded to questions and concerns of the yacht owners. The… Read more →

Marine Wastewater Survey

Marine Wastewater Survey 2021

In April 2021, marine surveyor Gerard van Erp started the Marine Wastewater Survey 2021 on yachts that are attached on the moorings in the Bonaire National Marine Park. Discharging raw sewage into the sea around Bonaire is harmful. The results of the study are clear. It is essential to collect and process wastewater to end the current discharge of wastewater… Read more →