In December 2012 Boneiru Duradero organized the first Sustainable Market at Jong Bonaire. At the fair local people and companies had the opportunity to sell their products or to spread the word about their sustainable services. A combination of high-tech and low-tech products and the opportunity to take part in small workshops made the fair a big success.

The second Sustainable Market was organized on June 22nd in 2013. This market was a bit different compared to the first market as it was organized around a specific theme: water. Besides selling home-made products, food and beverages, a variety of organizations were present to inform the visitors about: waste water management, the local mangroves, reversed osmosis and chikungunya. A donation by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands, made it possible for visitors to hand in old batteries in exchange for a free BBQ coupon. The result was tremendous: three full buckets of batteries, and more than 100 car batteries. A total of 375 BBQ meals were handed out.

The third sustainable market Ban Kunuku Bek (back to the knuuk) took place at the LVV terrain. The main goal was to inform people about growing your own fruit and vegetables and to inform people about the use of medicinal plants and healthy recipes. The market was in cooperation with the Department of Spatial Planning and Department of Community and Care. At the market there was a lot of interest for the hydroponics course by Roald Boom as he showed a cost and time efficient method to grow your own veggies.

Biba Konsiente (Living Consciously) was the theme of Boneiru Duradero’s fourth and last Sustainable Market. The market was held at the beautiful square of Avanti in Antriol, named Plaza Chiku Goeloe. As always Kriabon’s market venders formed a vital part of the event, with plants, art, home made products and delicious freshly made food. There were also a lot of workshops and activities where both children and adults could learn about sustainable topics. Boneiru Duradero gave out a reusable shopping bag to all visitors handing in used batteries. And there were wonderful sustainable prizes to be won in the raffle, like a mini greenhouse for the kids and an energy and water saving package for the adults.


In the future Boneiru Duradero will join the Farmers and Cultural Markets on Bonaire with special activities on sustainability. Visit the Boneiru Duradero Facebook page to stay informed!

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