Entrepeneur Roald Boom is convinced that everyone on Bonaire should be able to grow their own vegetables. Roald has been experimenting for years with various methods, such as permaculture, aquaponics and hydroponics. His research shows that the hydroponics system is the least labor-intensive at relatively the lowest cost per product. Hydroponics is especially suitable for Bonaire, because it has a much more efficient use of water, barely 1/10th in comparison with conventional agriculture.

Within this system plants are placed directly in water or hydrograins. Which means that the roots of the plants are in direct contact with water to which nutrients have been added. Many greens such as lettuce, amsoi and bok choi are ready to be harvested within four weeks. The cost price of these homegrown leafy greens can be as low as USD 0.30 per piece!! It is also possible to grow other vegetables such as tomatoes, bellpeppers, peppers and even herbs. The time investment (for a family of four) is only 10 minutes per week per person. Additional advantages are that you can place the hydroponics boxes at standing hight and there is no weeding involved.

In 2014 Kriabon and Boneiru Duradero organized several agriculture workshops. The 120 participants were very much impressed with hydroponics and wanted to learn more about this system. For that reason Roald started with an initiative called URD Solution and again joined forces with Kriabon and Boneiru Duradero.



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