The Trash To Cash Family Challenge is part of the Plastic EXPO, which takes place on Saturday the 28th of May. On this day Selibon challenges families to collect plastic waste. The family that collects the most plastic items wins USD 250, – All participants of the challenge receive a free ice cream. See rules for participation below.

First prize        : USD 250

Second prize    : USD 100

Third prize        : USD 50


Rules Trash to Cash Challenge:


  1. Participants of the Trash to Cash Challenge need to be residents of Bonaire


  1. Participants are required to hand in plastic waste, packaging materials such as bottles, cups and containers


  1. Participants are also allowed to hand in plastic Marine debris


  1. A maximum of 5 plastic bags will be accepted as valid item


  1. Participants must hand in their waste between 10 AM and 3 PM on Saturday May 28th


  1. Selibon will COUNT and NOT weigh the plastic items


  1. Each plastic item counts as one no matter the size


  1. The family or person with THE MOST plastic items wins


  1. Members of the same family unit cannot win more than one prize. A family unit is described as parents and their children.


10.  The winner will be announced around 15.15 PM on Saturday the 28th of May


Trash to Cash

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