Interview with Emieck de Goede Watersports Photographer

Boneiru Duradero (BD) has developed a FREE E-learning program about single use plastics. The goal of this online program is to offer everyone on Bonaire basic knowledge about the importance of single use plastics (SUP) reduction. Because many of these plastic products inadvertently end up in our nature or surrounding sea. The E-learning program features the work of photographer Emieck de Goede. Here is his take on Bonaire & Photography.

Why Bonaire is a great place to live

“Bonaire offers the perfect conditions for someone like me who loves watersports, there’s wind almost all year round and the water is warm. I started True Media & Culture by photographing wind-and kite surfers, says Emieck de Goede. “There are lots of surf professionals on Bonaire, who want high quality watersports pictures to use for sponsor purposes or for their own social media platforms. I like to push everyone to the limit when it comes to these photographs. Combining the incredible athletic skills of the surfers with my own artistic skills. Together we try to create the perfect picture.”

Favorite subject to photograph

“Watersports photography is very close to my heart. It gives me the most satisfaction, because the surfers and I share the same passion. But every creative process is rewarding to me. Especially when a photograph turns out exactly the way I had pictured it in my head.”

Can photography help to raise awareness?

“A good picture tells a story, but a great picture inspires people to take action. I hope that my photographs can contribute to raising awareness and changing behavior on Bonaire. That was my main motivation to collaborate with the Sushi òf Dushi campaign and the Single Use Plastics E-learning Program.”

Photographic eye

I’m convinced that people would have more appreciation for nature if they could see it through the eyes of a photographer. Photography is about getting all the details right. So, it is important to remove elements that can disturb the image, like for example plastic waste polluting our beautiful island. Bonaire is at its best when its clean, because who wants to look at nature pictures that have litter in them.

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