Kultivá berdura saludabel i barata ku Hidroponia

Empresario Roald Boom ta konvensí ku tur hende na Boneiru ta kapas di kultivá su propio bèrdura. Ya pa basta aña kaba Roald ta eksperimentá ku vários método manera permakultura, akuaponia i hidroponia. Su investigashon a demostrá ku plantamentu di bèrdura ku hidroponia tin ménos trabou intensivo i ku e gastunan pa kada produkto ku ta produsí ta relativamente masha abou mes. Loke speshalmente ta hasi e kultivo hidropóniko adekuá pa Boneiru ta e uso di awa, esta ménos ku 1/10o parti, ku ta muchu mas efisiente kompará ku e agrikultura konvenshonal.

Ku hidroponia, e matanan ta keda kologá direktamente den awa (hidro) òf den gránula hidro. E matanan ta kologá mayoria bes ku nan rais direktamente den awa ku tin nutriente den. Hopi sorto di bèrdura manera kròpsla, amsoi, i paksoi por kosechá ya kaba despues di kuater siman. E prèis di un kròpsla òf un otro bèrdura ku bo mes a kosechá por sali solamente USD 0.30!! Ademas por planta hopi otro mata ku hidroponia, manera tomati, promenton, promèntè i yerba. E tempu ku ta invertí (pa un famia di 4 persona) pa kultivá bèrdura via e sistema hidropóniko ta solamente 10 minüt pa persona pa siman. Benefisionan adishonal: por pone e bakinan hidropóniko segun e haltura ku bo por para i no tin nodi di eliminá yerba malu.

Den 2014 Kriabon den kolaborashon ku Boneiru Duradero a organisá diferente kurso riba agrikultura. E kursistanan tabata masha impreshoná ku e sistema di hidroponia i nan tabata ke sa mas tokante esaki. Pa e motibu ei Roald a tuma e inisiativa yamá URD Solution i a bolbe drenta un aliansa ku Kriabon i Boneiru Duradero. Den e periodo di mart te ku yüni 2015 URD Solution ta organisá un kantidat limitá di kurso tokante hidroponia. Pa mas informashon òf pa registrá bo mes, bishitá e página di facebook di URD Solution òf Kriabon.

Out of the box’      

Tin diferente sorto di sistema hidropóniko ku ta varia den komplehidat i gastu. Boneiru Duradero a puntra Roald si e por traha un baki hidropóniko di materialnan resiklá i barata. Finalmente no ta tur hende tin e plaka pa por invertí den un baki hidropóniko di palu. P’esei ku orguyo URD Solution i Boneiru Duradero ta presentá e konsepto “out of the box”, un sistema realmente hidropóniko trahá di e.o. kaha di karton, polistireno, saku di sushi, teip i kùp di plèstik.

Boneiru Duradero ta ofresé pa un solo bia e oportunidat na 20 persona pa sigui un kurso “out of the box” kompletamente grátis. Mira e vídeo promoshonal i registrá bo mes via e página di Facebook di Boneiru Duradero Portal.


Growing your own vegetables; healthy and costeffective with Hydroponics

Entrepereneur Roald Boom is convinced that everyone on Bonaire should be able to grow their own vegetables. Roald has been experimenting for years with various methods, such as perma culture, aquaponics and hydroponics. His research shows that the hydroponics system is the least labor-intensive at relatively the lowest cost per product. Hydroponics is especially suitable for Bonaire, because it has a much more efficient use of water, barely 1/10th in comparison with conventional agriculture.

Within this system plants are placed directly in water or hydrograins. Which means that the roots of the plants are in direct contact with water to which nutrients have been added. Many greens such as lettuce, amsoi and bok choi are ready to be harvested within four weeks. The costprice of these homegrown leafy greens can be as low as USD 0.30 per piece!! It is also possible to grow other vegetables such as tomatoes, bellpeppers, peppers and even herbs. The time investment (for a family of four) is only 10 minutes per week per person. Additional advantages are that you can place the hydroponics boxes at standing hight and there is no weeding involved.

In 2014 Kriabon and Boneiru Duradero organized several agriculture workshops. The 120 participants were very much impressed with hydroponics and wanted to learn more about this system. For that reason Roald started with an initiative called URD Solution and again joined forces with Kriabon and Boneiru Duradero. URD Solution will give a limited amount of courses in the period of March through June 2015. Check out the facebook pages of URD Solution or Kriabon where you can find more information or sign up for the hydroponics course.

Out of the box!

There are many different types of hydroponics systems, which may vary in complexity and cost. Boneiru Duradero asked Roald if was able to construct a hydroponics system from recycled materials. After all not everyone has the finances to invest in a wooden hydroponics box. URD Solution and Boneiru Duradero are proud to present the “out of the box” concept, a real hydroponics system made from a cardboard box, styrofoam, garbagebags, duct tape and plastic cups.

Boneiru Duradero offers a one-time opportunity to 20 people to follow this “out of the box” course for free. Check out this promo video and sign up by sending a private message, with your name, phone# and email address to Facebook Boneiru Duradero Portal.

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