Launch Marshe di Playa

On Saturday October 31st Boneiru Duradero will start with a new initiative in collaboration with Kriabon. Marshe di Playa is a pilot project for a weekly market in the center of Kralendijk. The market will be held on the patio of Jong Bonai12273709_10153656253392040_2329389145096765402_ore, every Saturday morning from 8 to 12 AM.

The goal is to stimulate small business initiatives amongst the local population of Bonaire. Research shows that small businesses are the backbone of the economy for many countries in the Caribbean. Boneiru Duradero is offering locals the opportunity to create additional income by selling products or services at Marshe di Playa.

The idea is to create an authentic local market, where one can find a variety of products from local delicacies to arts & craftwork, sustainable products, locally produced beauty products and fresh produce. The diversity of Marshe di Playa should appeal to both local and foreign visitors.

Project partner Kriabon has been organizing a monthly farmers market for over 3 years. Kriabon noticed that there is a need for a weekly market, because products, such as fresh produce have a limited shelf life. Kriabon is joining forces with Marshe di Playa, because the organization wants to accommodate their vendors.

In September 2015 Boneiru Duradero also provided relevant workshops so that potential vendors could upgrade themselves. There were workshops on:

  • Creating a professional Facebook Page
  • Decorating;
  • Marketing & sales techniques;
  • Administration & Cost price calculation;
  • Making bags from goat leather

Being a Boneiru Duradero project Marshe di Playa strives to be as sustainable as possible. Vendors will not be allowed to hand out plastic bags and are requested to use re-usable packaging materials and cutlery. On the opening day Marshe di Playa will hand out free re-usable bags to encourage visitors to bring their BAG, whenever they go shopping.

All investments in materials, promotion and coordination are financed through local organization Boneiru Duradero, which receives its support from the World Wildlife Fund. The role of Boneiru Duradero is to facilitate and support so that the local population can prosper. The pilot will end in June 2016, but Marshe di Playa should continue functioning. There will be interim evaluations in close collaboration with vendors to steer the market in the right direction towards continuity and success!




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