Making a difference one meal at a time

Heart for Sustainable Bonaire Series featuring: Henri Verhoef of Wattaburger


Henri Verhoef has been managing Wattaburger for 11 years and he is ready for a change! Wattaburger sells all those fast food items, that we often crave: fries, hamburgers, and Dutch snacks such as the frikandel and kroket. Right now, Wattaburger specializes in Take-Out, but in the near future it will also become an Eat-In restaurant, where food is plated and more healthy meals are part of the menu. Customers of Wattaburger will still be able to order meals to-go, but if it’s up to Henri, the current plastic packaging of take-out will be changed into a more sustainable alternative.


Henri explains that he has looked into biodegradable packaging in the past, but that it was always too expensive to “Go Green”. That is why he likes the initiative for a collective buying platform on Bonaire. This platform will give small entrepreneurs the chance to get a better price because of increased buying volume, while also sharing the cost of transportation.


Henri feels that it is important for everyone on Bonaire to take their responsibility. He says: “Our island greatly depends on tourism and we all need to work together to protect Bonaire’s reef, for ourselves and for future generations. After all, there is more to life than making money!”

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