Boneiru Duradero (Sustainable Bonaire) is a small-scale initiative focusing on sustainable awareness and activity on Bonaire. This initiative started in 2012 and has a timeframe of five years. Boneiru Duradero is coordinated by Sharon Bol and funded by the World Wildlife Fund (WNF) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands. The mission of Boneiru Duradero is to translate the… Read more →

Kids workshop tuinieren

Tio Rocky ta bisa: ‘mata plantá, mata muhá…’ (Oom Rocky zegt: ‘wanneer je plant, moet je ook water geven!’) In de week van 27 tot 31 oktober aanstaande zullen Boneiru Duradero en LVV samen een mini workshop landbouw verzorgen voor de kinderen van de naschoolse opvang. Alle buurtcentra ontvangen een “mini green house” van Boneiru Duradero, zodat ze hun eigen… Read more →

Seven Seas Care

Seven Seas Care believes that care for the little things in life is what ultimately has the greatest positive impact. Care for coral is care for our oceans. Care for visitors who are diving into the ocean is care for our environment. Awareness of that connection leads to action, creating a synergy that cares for not only people but also… Read more →

Sign up for Clean Coast Bonaire mailing list

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Sustainable Tips from Terence

Bobbejan’s BBQis one of the most popular take out restaurants on Bonaire. Terence de Haseth works together with his parents in this family owned business. Bobbejan’s BBQ is already using compostable food boxes in different sizes, cutlery, straws and bags, which are all made from plant-based materials. However, Terence would like to share some practical tips on how restaurants can… Read more →

What is Clean Coast Bonaire?

Clean Coast Bonaire has been initiated to implement a Marine Litter Monitoring Program at designated beaches on Bonaire. The project is funded by The World Wide Fund for Nature in the Netherlands and supported by a local organization on Bonaire called, Boneiru Duradero (Sustainable Bonaire). Seven Seas Care is in charge of project implementation. Although various organizations and individuals are… Read more →

Local efforts

Rudolf and Marijke from @Mati’s Place are testing with compostable food containers this week. These compostable boxes seem to be a (much more) sustainable alternative for single use food packaging, than styrofoam. Boneiru Duradero wanted to offer a number of take out restaurants on Bonaire the opportunity to try out these compostables. This way restaurants could experience the quality of… Read more →

Why can’t you just ban Oxybenzone on Bonaire?

1. Mexico has banned Oxybenzone sunscreens from nature reserves and Palau (Pacific Ocean) has banned Oxybenzone from Jelly Fish Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 2. Hawaii has tried to ban the sale of sunscreens containing Oxybenzone through legislation in 2017. This ban would have an effect on imported products, but it would not prevent international tourists from bringing and… Read more →

FAQ about harmful Sunscreens

Reducing the impact of potentially harmful sunscreens on our reef seems like a no-brainer… only use the right sunscreens and get rid of the bad ones. Unfortunately, the problem is a little more complicated. We have received a number of questions and suggestions with regard harmful sunscreens and we decided to make a FAQ-category called: Why can’t you just… Why… Read more →

Sunscreen Awareness Conference

Wageningen Marine Research and Boneiru Duradero are organizing a Sunscreen Awareness Conference on March 21, 2018. The conference offers stakeholders from the tourism sector on Bonaire the opportunity to learn more about the potential threats of harmful sunscreens to Bonaire’s reef. It also offers stakeholders the opportunity to share their personal views on this issue and help develop a sunscreen… Read more →

Are you willing to pay for a sustainable food container?

Every year more than 1 million styrofoam boxes are being used on Bonaire for take-out meals. These styrofoam boxes are becoming an increasing problem on our tiny island. Styrofoam takes longer to decompose than the time that has elapsed since styrofoam was invented, which means it does not go away. Boneiru Duradero would like to know if residents of, and… Read more →

Are sunscreen products harmful to Bonaire’s ecosystems?

Dr. Diana Slijkerman of Wageningen Marine Research was on Bonaire last November to study the presence of potentially harmful sunscreens. She took water samples of Lac Bay and conducted a survey among visitors from cruise ships on the beach. The water samples will be analysed to find the concentration of organic UV filters and preservatives, and environmental risks will be… Read more →