Plastic Urban Mining in Bonaire


On the 14th of May Selibon, Boneiro Duradero and the Plastic Soup Foundation have started the project ‘Trash to Cash’ on Bonaire. The goal is creating awareness on plastic pollution and setting up a business case for plastic recycling on the island. The Plastic Soup Foundation wants to turn the islands of the Dutch Caribbean into the first circular economy region. An economy that creates no waste or pollution by managing their plastic materials from import until recycling. This is what we call: Plastic Urban Mining.


Who is Plastic Soup Foundation?

The Plastic Soup Foundation is a non-profit organization that wants to stop plastic pollution in the oceans. The main goal is to prevent plastic to end up in the water by tackling the sources and pursues the replacement of the current system to a more sustainable one using alternative materials and developing renewable products.


The most recent campaign launched by the Plastic Soup Foundation includes collaboration with G-Star RAW (manufacturer of jeans) to tackle microfiber pollution from synthetic clothing. This campaign, under the name of Ocean Clean Wash, calls for other fashion companies, washing machine manufacturers, and the textile industry to look and develop innovative solutions to prevent the release of plastic fibers from clothes and into the water.


Plastic Urban Mining, what is it?

Around the world countries with high garbage collection and recycling rates are able to stop plastic litter from becoming plastic soup. Unfortunately most countries do not see the value of recycling or don’t have the capital to invest (and maintain) large scale recycling facilities. That’s why Plastic Soup Foundation introduces a new solution to tackle this worldwide problem: Plastic Urban Mining.

With Plastic Urban Mining they help companies, educational institutions, governments and communities in the transition from a linear to a circular economy by managing the whole plastic cycle. From creating awareness & education to the development of products made out the recycled plastic, Plastic Urban Mining is the all-in-one solution.


Why Bonaire?

Bonaire is an island that has all the challenges and potential to make Plastic Urban Mining work. The east coast is flooded with plastic marine debris and the local dump for waste is taking up precious space. Through recycling of local plastics, we will produce local products that do not have to be imported anymore. Bonaire will be the first island adopting these principles and the first to recycle and produce their own products from local collected plastic waste.


Bonaire can be an example for the world! Selibon, Boneiru Duradero and Plastic Soup Foundation are the three perfect partners to make this happen on Bonaire.

More information?

Contact: Daniel Poolen                 

Photo by Ronja Jansz

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