Questionnaire about the use of Plastic Bags on Bonaire

Bonaire’s main attraction is its natural beauty, both above water and below. But unfortunately there has been an increase of plastic bags floating in the water and lost in the mondi. Due to an increase of plastic bags in Bonaire’s waters and mondi, Boneiru Duradero partnered with Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) in 2015 to learn more about the possibilities to reduce the use of single use plastic bags (SUPB’s) on Bonaire. STCB’s former intern and Master student Cosette Larash, produced a comparative analysis and presented her results by means of a report and a public presentation.


Produce BagsTo learn more about local shopping habits when it comes to single use plastic bags on Bonaire, We have developed a short questionnaire. This research will be beneficial to our island as it can be used to develop a good strategy for Bonaire where plastic no longer threatens our direct environment. So please spare 1 minute to complete this multiple-choice questionnaire (residents only) and share the survey on your Facebook page. Among a minimum of 100 respondents (residents on Bonaire) we will raffle 3 times 2 custom designed reusable produce bags!!



Sorry the time-frame for this survey has passed.

The results will be posted on our Facebook page.


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