Sustainable market May 2014

Press release Sustainable Market

Biba Konsiente or Living Consciously was the theme of Boneiru Duradero’s fourth and last Sustainable Market. The market was held at the beautiful square of Avanti in Antriol, named Plaza Chiku Goeloe.

As always Kriabon’s market venders formed a vital part of the event, with plants, art, home made products and delicious freshly made food. There were also a lot of workshops and activities where both children and adults could learn about sustainable topics:

  • The promo-team from WEB led by Jimmy May and Pamela Paz provided a mini course on saving water and energy. Participants were well taken care off during this workshop receiving a drink, snack and a great giveaway.
  • Christen Cranston from Selibon developed a special game for kids, to educate them on waste separation.
  • Roald Boom provided knowledge on a planting system called hydroponics. This simple system allows greens like lettuce and pak choi to grow fast, having them ready for the dinner table within 6 weeks.
  • Rocky Emers and Onnie Emerenciana were teaching kids of all ages how to plant. All participants received a little plant and some seeds to start their own “food garden” at home.

Boneiru Duradero gave out a reusable shopping bag to all visitors handing in used batteries. And there were wonderful sustainable prizes to be won in the raffle, like a mini greenhouse for the kids and an energy and water saving package for the adults.

In the future Boneiru Duradero will join the Farmers and Cultural Markets on Bonaire with special activities on sustainability. Visit the Boneiru Duradero Facebook page to stay informed!


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