Sustainable Tips from Terence

Bobbejan’s BBQis one of the most popular take out restaurants on Bonaire. Terence de Haseth works together with his parents in this family owned business. Bobbejan’s BBQ is already using compostable food boxes in different sizes, cutlery, straws and bags, which are all made from plant-based materials. However, Terence would like to share some practical tips on how restaurants can become more sustainable on Bonaire:

· Panadero Trading can pick up your old frying oil, so that it can be recycled on Bonaire;

· Use Eco Di Caribeproducts for cleaning, these cleaning products are made from natural ingredients and the company uses a refill system in order to reduce plastics.

· Separate waste like glass bottles, they can be picked up separately by Selibon N.V.

· Re-use sturdy packaging materials such as plastic buckets and containers.

· Create awareness with consumers, for example: charge customers a little extra, when they ask for four portions of the same item, but insist on individual packaging for each, using four separate boxes instead of one.

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