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Bon Eco Solutions

Bon Eco Solutions supplies and imports a wide range of sustainable products and solutions. From solar panels to LED lamps, from water savers to energy savers for air conditionings. They work as well with local and international companies and are almost three years operational in the Caribbean area. Read more →


Last week Boneiru Duradero was welcomed by the backbones of Onima: Jaap Ensing and his daughter Sanny Ensing. About 20 years ago Jaap Ensing was working as a traditional pharmacist in the Netherlands. When he moved with his Family to Curaçao in the eighties, he was introduced to the various magical benefits of Aloe Vera, which immediately got his attention,… Read more →

Sustainable market May 2014

Press release Sustainable Market Biba Konsiente or Living Consciously was the theme of Boneiru Duradero’s fourth and last Sustainable Market. The market was held at the beautiful square of Avanti in Antriol, named Plaza Chiku Goeloe. As always Kriabon’s market venders formed a vital part of the event, with plants, art, home made products and delicious freshly made food. There… Read more →