Cleaning up the community not only creates a more pleasant place to live and to pass through, but additionally provides the community health benefits such as the elimination of mosquito breeding sites to reduce the spread of Chikungunya.

‘Tene Bo Bario Limpi’ is a cleanup program focused on the six historical neighborhoods of Bonaire; Rincon, Nort Saliña, Antriol, Nikiboko, Amboina and Tera Kòrá.

This project is coordinated by the Fundashon ‘Tene Boneiru Limpi’ (keep Bonaire clean!) in close collaboration with the local waste management company Selibon, BonRecycling and local community boards.

The cleanup events offer the local residents to get rid of all types of waste in and around their houses. Washing machines, computers, old rusted fridges, old cars, aquariums whatever you name it. During the cleanups community residents had the chance to win a voucher with the value of 100 USD for their efforts. Children helping along received a coupon for a free ice-cream. The waste collected was separated and recycled by BonRecycling.

The cleanup events have been organized in 2013 as in 2014. Check out the movie page for a visual impression.

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