Trash to Cash Reward

The Trash to Cash Reward is part of the Trash to Cash pilot project. The goal is to stimulate local people on Bonaire to separate their plastic waste from household waste and hand in this plastic waste at Plasa Medio Ambiente.


  • The Trash to Cash Reward will be handed out for a period of six months, June to December 2016.


  • Only residents of Bonaire are eligible for the Trash to Cash Reward.


  • Participants are required to hand in plastic waste, such as bottles, cups and containers.


  • Participants will have to leave their phone number with the Selibon employee of Plasa Medio Ambiente, so that they can be contacted.


  • Residents who visit Plasa Medio Ambiente to hand in plastic waste automatically take part in a lottery, from which the organizers will draw a monthly winner.


  • The reward consists of USD 100 in cash each month.


  • A participant can only win once.


  • The winner will be contacted by mobile phone and he or she has to redeem their prize in person at Plasa Medio Ambiente. The organizers will announce the winners on the last workday of the month via FB and other media.


  • Selibon staff and/or family members are excluded from participation.


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